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SB Nutrition is an online nutritionist founded by Sarah, MSc Certified Nutritionist, specialising in Weight Management (Weight Loss & Muscle Gain), Nutrition for Health and Sports/Performance Nutrition. Whether your goal is Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Health Improvements or Performance Nutrition. 

Each and every one of you are unique, and our evidence-based approach is very personal & tailored to your lifestyle, preferences & aspirations. 

Our service will empower you to reach your personal goals, whilst always striving for optimal health.

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Why choose the SB Nutritionist as your Nutritionist?

The SB Nutritionist is an online evidence-based nutrition practice which means when we advise you, we will be using the best research available combined with our own expertise as Nutritionist and our advice will be unique to your particular needs.

We know where to source appropriate scientific research studies which are non-bias to reinforce our advice to you. We are constantly learning and educating ourselves and keep abreast of any new research coming to light.

We tailor your nutrition programme to you, suiting your needs and lifestyle. Our recommendations will be as unique as you are!

We are here to educate you and empower you, so you can ultimately take control of your own nutrition without our assistance and go on to educate others.


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About Sarah

specialising in professional weight loss programs
I am a Certified Anthropometrist (ISAK) at Level 1. I also hold a Masters of Science degree in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Middlesex University (London, UK)...

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Anonymous (Family friend)
Since going to see Sarah at SB Nutrition I’ve learnt a great deal from her on health, weight and nutrition and I can carry all of the knowledge that I have learnt along with me today. She has a vast knowledge.