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About Sarah

Offering you a healthier lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Sarah

I have an MSc and BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and Sport and Exercise Nutrition from the University of Surrey and Middlesex University.

Discover a way of eating and living that will transform your health and allow you to become the best version of yourself.

I offer a full 360 approach to health and wellbeing, with an ethos routed in food should nourish both the mind and body. Nutrition is more than just what we eat, it is also about how we eat, our social environments and our lifestyle.

Creating awareness for your unique nutritional needs is the foundation in my work. The process I use is unique to you. Everyone responds differently to the foods we eat, therefore working out the optimum diet for you is the key. It has to fit in with you and your lifestyle otherwise long-term change is incredibly hard to achieve.

The world of health and nutrition is more confusing than ever, but I am proud to be able to offer evidence-led, personalised nutritional consultancies with the focus on real food and allowing you to achieve your goals. I take my time to understand each individual, identify areas we can work on and together we can achieve their targets.

A new way of eating and develop a healthy and happy relationship with food. Learn more about yourself and feel confident in your food choices.

I will be able to help with you with your nutrition-based enquiries.


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