Hello I'm Sarah

My online nutrition consulting services are the result of 5 years experience working at the highest level as a nutritionist, and 8 years experience as a personal trainer, learning not just how to create amazing physical transformations, but also to help create sustainable health habits. These important habits allow those on my training & nutrition programs not only to achieve their ideal body, but to also foster a healthy energy and vitality that makes any task in life easier to accomplish..

I have three core objectives for my clients that are present in everything I do:

1. Deliver your ideal physique

We start here not just because this has long been our primary expertise but also because we acknowledge that being in great shape and feeling fit helps to rid the mind a lot of negative self talk that can be unproductive over many areas of your life. Once we’ve quieted those voices we have a far greater opportunity to move forward with a still mind.

2. Establish a healthy lifestyle

Our nutrition plans have two primary objectives. The first is to achieve results on a short time scale, typically over 8 – 52 weeks. This means you will be training hard and eating the kind of food that is going to help you achieve your goal. The other focus is on your health ten years from now, this ensures that we never include anything in your plans that would detract from your overall health and well-being. Every workout regime allows for full recovery, every meal plan is designed for nutritional diversity and we include meditations and other health practices that help offset any fatigue incurred on your body.

3. Fuel Your Ambition

Having a great physique and maintaining optimal health is an amazing achievement in life. It’s also a great springboard for sitting down and deciding exactly what you would like to achieve in your life, in terms of career, business, goals, creative projects and building a fulfilling lifestyle in general. You’ll be feeling so good on our programs that you may be surprised how creative you feel and just how much energy you have to spur those long held goals and dreams into action.

My Story…

Lessons learned from a life in nutrition…

I’d like to share a little about my journey in nutrition, the experience gained, lessons learned and ultimately how I can apply my experience to help guide you to attain a level of health and fitness that up until now may always have felt out of reach. My career has seen me coach everyone from Paralympic athletes, military service personnel and of course thousands of men and women from every background from multiple countries. As an elite personal trainer in UK. From running nutrition seminars, writing for media publications, and coaching personal trainers across the globe, there isn’t much I haven’t seen or done in the industry.

But my journey to this point wasn’t straight-forward nor without its challenges.
Looking back, my relationship with exercise and nutrition started in my childhood years, growing up on a steady diet of physique laden action films like the rocky saga, the karate kid and, well …any Schwarzenegger movies. I had some very early influences for getting into fitness and nutrition.

Some years went by and despite the knock back I kept training and eating the right foods, I saw some improvements and gained some considerable muscle size, I was never lean though, and this was never far from my mind. Over the course of my Sports Science degree at the university of Surrey and Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Middlesex University, I realised that more and more people were coming to me to help them get started out in fitness and for nutritional advice, during my final year at university it dawned on me that I had already been working as a personal trainer and nutritionist for years without even realising it, I’d found my ideal career I just needed an official qualification and I could really go out into the world and get started.

In my early years as a personal trainer and nutritionist I was getting pretty decent results with my clients, helping people to eat healthy, helping people get more active, and confront some of the beliefs holding them back. It wasn’t all positive though, in my own training I often found it hard to make progress.

Throughout my adolescence and young adult life the damming words of that family member never truly went away, I knew that for a trainer I wasn’t in the kind of shape I ought to be and didn’t want to confront the idea that I just didn’t have the kind of body that could achieve the lean muscular physique I had been seeking since childhood.

In 2011 things had reached a boiling point, I set myself a challenge that if by the end of year I couldn’t get below 10% body fat I would leave the fitness industry forever, and I meant it! It was the only way I could feel authentic and that I belonged among the top trainers in the field, if I couldn’t even figure my own body out I felt it would be best to quietly bow out of the industry I loved.

With my future as the stakes, I was highly motivated to find the best tips and techniques from all over the world. Having not worked for me, I decided to throw out all the conventional knowledge I had accumulated and challenge every assumption I had made about my own body, training and nutrition. To my astonishment, many times actually doing the very opposite of what was recommended produced startling results!

Qualifications and accreditations

  • BSc (Hons) Sport Science (Exercise and Health Management) - University of Surrey
  • MSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition - Middlesex University
  • ISSN Diploma in Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition - Guru Performance
  • Level 1 ISAK – International Society for the Advancement of Kinathropometry
  • A member of the British Dietetic Association

My professional practice is based on my core values:

  • Integrity
  • Value
  • Expertise
  • Respect

My passion is my job. I love what I do and the opportunities it's created: taking me to places I've always wanted to visit, connecting with life’s wonderful array of people and working with inspiring and motivating groups and individuals. I spend time getting to know my clients to ensure I provide a tailored nutrition plan that’s specific to their unique needs.

My commitment to you - whether you are a team, individual, organisation or club - is to provide you with a nutrition plan that sticks and fits with your lifestyle, to help you meet your desired nutrition goals and set you up to move forward, with better long-term eating strategies.

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