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Nutrition for Athletes

Eat the right foods for maximum sports performance. It doesn't matter what sport you play, if you don't get the right fuel for your body it will be impossible for you to reach your maximum potential as an athlete. Athletes need a balanced, nutritious diet which includes all the food groups to be successful in…
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Fundamental of Training

Chapter 1 Regaining Competitive Edge in Your Workouts It takes a lot of time, effort and a well-structured training plan to get good muscle. It is only if you train with a "plan" will you gain muscle mass in the long term. A training plan to achieve the goal of gaining muscle mass is based…
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A Complete Guide to Proper Marathon Nutrition

Nutrition continues to be a much discussed topic amongst marathon runners. Questions about what to eat before, during, and after the race are commonly asked by beginners and even advanced runners. Here is a quick guide to getting your nutrition for your marathon just right. Interestingly, the story does not start in the week before…
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