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The following of SB Nutrition recipes are designed to support any nutritional goals you might have. Whether you are looking for recipes for diseases management, weight loss, and sports performance or to support optimal health, however these SB Nutrition recipes provide a healthy, taste and a convenient way to achieve that! Click below on one of the categories below and snack ideas which relates to your needs and goals.

Protein Supergreen Smoothie

Total time - 2 mins Serves 1 The Supergreen Smoothie is the golden grail of any healthy diet. Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, this protein-rich version is particularly great for energising after a morning workout, thanks to the addition of matcha green tea powder. And, to mask the sometimes less palatable taste of green goodness…
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Protein Berry Pancakes

  Prep time - 10 mins Cook time - 10 mins Total time - 20 mins Serves 1 Pancakes are the staple of vegan Instagram, owing to their simplicity and deliciousness. SB Nutrition added two scoops of our Choc Peanut Performance for an extra 30g of plant-based protein, ideal for a protein brunch. This recipe is…
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Creamy Citrus Smoothie

Total time - 2 mins Serves 1 Citrus fruits are some of the most underused and underrated additions to shakes and smoothies. For summer smoothie perfection, this holds true particularly to juicy clementines, which rarely ever get to star in shakes before berries and bananas. On top of the vitamin benefits of adding citrus fruits…
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