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Personal training service

If you are someone who is finding it hard to get the results you want deserve and want to attain, have you tried a number of different methods in the process but you have no avail and you need more than just a fitness program and nutritional guidelines to follow, SBNutrition online personal training service could be the perfect solution.

It is SBNutrition's strong belief that we provide the best service and value for money in the fitness industry, just as we have our very own online personal training service. SBNutrition has developed an affordable online personal training service, for those not able to train with us, by providing complete support network from SBNutrition that know what you want to achieve.



Upon sign up with SBNutrition you will receive a comprehensive set of forms, which will require information about your health, lifestyle and your current exercise regime which is the first stage of us understanding your circumstances, training preferences and the most important is your personal goals and training objectives.

Training Programme

Once SBNutrition has all of your data has been reviewed from the questionnaire forms, and any relevant email correspondence, your progressive training program will be devised and delivered in weekly or monthly blocks. Your training program duration varies, but as a standard we devise a fitness plan. Regular contact is encouraged to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly.

Nutrition Guidelines

Following your nutrition audit, amendments to your dietary habits, SBNutrition will be advised to support your training programme and nutrition guidelines to support your training and put you on the correct pathway to achieve your results and objectives. All of the guidelines would be individually devised according to not only what has been assed, but also your lifestyle. SBNutrition delivers nutrition guidelines in the same manner as training, making progressive changes when the time is right which will increase compliance and enduringly healthy nutrition habits.


In order for SBNutrition to measure your progress and to assess the effectiveness of your training programme and nutrition plans, we at SBNutrition require to re-assess certain physical assessments during and after your training program. We must affirm to all prospective clients, you don’t get results by focusing on results, by focusing on the actions that produce the results, be consistent and disciplined and believe in the process.


All of our online services offer unlimited email support. It is imperative to your progress to stay in regular contact with SBNutrition. Staying motivated, dedicated and focused is solely down to you, we are here to support you, guidance and accountability.

SBNutrition specialises in:

  • Weight loss
  • Toning up
  • Fitness training
  • Nutritional advice
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Core stability

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£150 per month





Training and nutrition coaching by Sarah

Weekly check ins via email


Online consultations

Constant email and phone support

12 week training and nutrition coaching by Sarah

Weekly check ins via email


Constant email and phone support from Sarah

Online Consultations

Option to pay monthly (available on request)

24 week of training and nutrition coaching from Sarah

Weekly Check ins

Constant email and phone support from Sarah

Online consultations


Option to pay monthly (available on request)

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